Legacy Foodservice Alliance, LLC Joins ProMark Produce Procurement Group

ROCKFORD, IL (November 16, 2010)—Steve Push, President of Legacy Foodservice Alliance, announced this new venture to the nearly 50 member companies present at Legacy’s Marketplace Purchasing Conference, held recently in Washington, DC.  “ProMarkis uniquely qualified to meet the special needs of broadline distributors, as their membership base is made up exclusively of broadline distributors,” Push advised the group. He further informed those present, that, as members of Legacy Foodservice Alliance, they would have full access to all of the support and benefits that the ProMark group offers in the area of fresh produce procurement. 

Produce is a specialized and unique category, and requires expert support.  At Legacy, we realized “early on that we needed outside partners to bring us the expertise necessary to be able to grow and thrive in this rapidly evolving product category.  ProMark will augment and build upon our already strong produce procurement solutions, will enable us to even better support some of our broadline members, and will give us more options for niche distributors,” added Donald Hughes, Legacy’s EVP of Merchandising.

ProMark is a twenty year old organization that was formed by a group of distributors to handle the special produce needs that are unique to broadliners.  “ProMark utilizes a marquis group of growers/packers/shippers to source the highest quality produce available from the growing areas; contract pricing ensures distributor price competitiveness; and a host of support resources help the distributor members be better marketers in the category,” says ProMark Executive Director Ron Orr.

Ron Dierks, President of ProMark said “We are delighted to be working with The Legacy Foodservice Alliance Group, and share in their vision.  We’re excited to be a part of what we believe will be the distributor group of the future.”


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