Legacy Foodservice Alliance Membership Continues to Grow

(July 13, 2010)—Legacy Foodservice Alliance, with headquarters in Richmond, announces the addition of six distributor members.

Led by industry veterans Stephen Push, Donald Hughes, Deb Winter, and Bob Staples, Legacy Foodservice is the newest distributor procurement and marketing group in the foodservice distribution landscape.  “Typically as groups grow in numbers, it’s difficult to retain the personal touch that helps members stay connected,” says Push.  “Our strategy is to maintain a high level of group participation by building a network of carefully selected supply and distribution companies that share our philosophy.”

The most recent wave of Founding Distributor Members to commit to Legacy includes:                               
     Acme Food Co., Passaic, NJ
     Baily International of Atlanta, Chamblee, GA 
     CFM Foods, Inc., Watertown, NY
     Marketplace Foods, Inc., Atlanta, GA
     St. Louis Wholesale Food Co., St. Louis, MO
     Somerset Syrups & Concession, Inc., Edison, NJ                      

This brings the total number of distributor locations that have become part of the Legacy Family to 33. The group began accepting distributor members only seven months ago, in December, 2009.

These distributors join a robust group of Founding Distributor Members that  committed to the organization earlier, including :   
     A & L Sales, Inc., Belle Chase, LA
     Cedar Farms Co., Inc., Philadelphia, PA
     Colony Foods, Lawrence, MA 
     Davis Brothers, Inc., Oswego, NY
     Dependable Foods, Inc., Edison, NJ
     E & S Foods, Inc., Elmwood Park, NJ
     Endico Potatoes, Inc., Mt. Vernon, NY
     Fancy Foods, Inc., Bronx, NY
     Fancy Foods, Inc., Troy, NY
     Farner-Bocken Co., Carroll, IA
     Foodfest Depot, Bronx, NY
     FoodserviceDirect.com, Hampton, VA
     Fran Tomalis & Son, Inc., Pittston, PA
     Keyco Food Distributors, Wilkes Barre, PA
     Latina Foods, Inc., Buffalo, NY
     Manchester Packing, Co, Manchester, CT
     Maple Leaf Foods, Buffalo, NY
     Palmer Distributing Co., Newark, NY
     Snow Fresh Foods, Inc., Bronx, NY
     Spectrum Foods, Inc., Landover, MD
     THS Foodservice, Inc., Chattanooga, TN
     Thomsen Foodservice, East Providence, RI
     Todd Distributors, Inc., Laurens, SC
     Van Bennett Food Co., Inc., Reading, PA
     Victory Foodservice Distributors Corp., Bronx, NY
     William George Co., Inc., Lufkin, TX
     Zahmel Restaurant Supplies Corp., Woodside, NY

Legacy is a business which continues to break with the past and leave behind group practices that have not contributed to growth for distributors and their supplier partners. “It’s our mission to provide the environment through which supply chain partners can connect, share, sustain, succeed, and thrive.  We run the company in a transparent way—using simple, understandable processes and agreements, and a business model which everyone can rally around,” says Push.


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