Less is More... Response!

Jay Siff, Founder and CEO of Moving Targets, is committed to helping you make more money. With his 18+ years in retailing and 18+ years in direct marketing, Jay has excelled in growing one of the largest and most successful direct-to-the-customer retail marketing companies in the United States.

Direct marketing delivers immediate, trackable, and measurable results that businesses demand—especially in today’s economy. There’s no expensive “waste circulation.”  Promotions go only to prospects most likely to respond.

Want better results from your promotions? Instead of costly trial-and-error experiments, you can easily boost your ad response by using proven tips and tricks of today's most successful direct marketers. Put these ideas to work for you today!

The Power of Difference!
What is your business known for? Fact is, the things that make you different also help make you successful. People don't buy from you because you're like the competition. It's because you're not like them. People come to you for reasons of difference. So what reasons do you give? Simply saying that you're closer... cheaper... and better is not enough! Think of things you do differently and then exploit them in your advertising.

Copy vs. Art!
In today's modern age of digital printing and flashy email graphics, the old debate of "Copy vs. Art" still rages on. Image advertising may get away with focusing on the pretty pictures and eye-catching designs, but when you're looking for response, the sales copy is far more important than the graphics. In fact, history's great direct-response advertising pros all came from the copy side of the business. That's because billions of dollars of testing over many decades has proven that copy is king... even in today's high-tech "eye-candy" world!

Less is More... Response!
People love choice, but in direct-response marketing choice often lowers response. That's because presenting several buying options forces consumers to make a choice requiring thought and effort. Human inertia -- teamed with the stress of making the wrong buying decision -- often causes us to react like a deer in the headlights: frozen. The result? We avoid making the decision altogether and never respond. Instead, giving an all-or-nothing, "take-it-or-leave-it" offer is often easier to understand because it requires a simple "yes" or "no" decision.

Use the "You and Me" Approach
Some of the most powerful ads are not those that sound like big companies talking to the masses. They're laid-back, conversational ads that sound like they were personally written by the owners or managers themselves. Instead of writing typical, impersonal ad copy, try writing your ads like a personal letter. Use the words "you" and "me" frequently. Show your photo. Talk one-to-one... like you're speaking to an ol' friend.

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