Locally Grown Products On Lunch Trays No Easy Matter

SEATTLE (September 28, 2010)—Tricia Kovacs is in charge of the state's Farm-to-School Program, which was created in 2008 by legislation intended to make it easier to get more local food into school cafeterias. In recent years, Kovacs said, more and more schools have been putting Washington-grown food on the menu. Farms, too, are increasingly interested in selling to schools.

Still, while all that produce may be only a few miles away, getting it onto lunch trays is no easy matter. Even proponents concede it can be a logistical feat. And with astonishingly tight lunch budgets, even spending a few more pennies on an apple can push it out of reach.

Read more in The Seattle Times: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2012998021_locallunches26m.html


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