Locol launches spinoff coffee concept

locol coffee

Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson’s QSR experiment is leaning into the coffee business, debuting an offshoot coffee concept called Yes Plz.

Like its sister concept, Locol, Yes Plz is focused on providing menu items with an affordable price point. The coffee brand will offer $1 12-ounce cups of joe supplied by Tonx Coffee cofounder Tony Konecny, with whom the Locol crew teamed up for this endeavor. Yes Plz plans to open coffee windows as well as stand-alone locations, and will also continue to supply java to Locol’s three locations.  

This offshoot announcement comes just after Locol opened spinoff Locol Bakery in West Oakland, Calif. In an interview with California Sunday magazine, Patterson revealed that Locol has been struggling financially since launching early last year. The team hopes that the addition of Yes Plz and Locol Bakery will help drive sales. 


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