Manufacturer Spotlight August 2006

Arc International has introduced the Mikasa Hotel & Restaurant Oenology Collection of stemware and carafes, made from an exclusive, newly-created material called Kwarx—superior in its durability, brilliance and transparency. A unique manufacturing process makes this glass practically unbreakable. Plus, Kwarx has been tested to retain brilliance after 2000+ industrial washes. There are five glasses and 10 carafes in the collection, each for a specific type of wine.
866-MIKASA 1

Kraft Foodservice introduces Tropical Fruit, an exciting new flavor in its Fruit2O product line. As the first blended flavor of Fruit2O, Tropical Fruit mixes eight refreshing tastes, including cherry, peach and grape. With no calories, carbohydrates or sugar, Fruit2O is a popular alternative to sodas and juice drinks. The water with a natural fruit essence is available in 16-ounce and 20-ounce bottles.

In keeping with consumers’ desire for healthier, more natural foods, Hormel has launched a new line of sliced deli meats that is 100 percent natural and preservative-free. Called Natural Choice, the meats have up to 45 percent less sodium than regular sliced meats and can be kept refrigerated for up to 120 days without spoiling. These updates lead to a healthier, better-tasting product that is practical and easy to use in a foodservice setting. The Natural Choice line includes smoked turkey, roasted turkey, smoked ham and roast beef.

Athens Foods Ready-To-Go Fillo Dough and Mini Fillo Shells are now offered with no trans fat and no cholesterol. They’re at the ready to help chefs quickly create sensational appetizers, entrees and desserts with 39 percent less fat than puff pastry. The baked Shells are available in seven flavors both savory and sweet.

Enodis is introducing a program that helps operators maximize profits with energy-efficient and resource-conserving foodservice equipment. The EnerLogic program is committed to developing more next-generation equipment that meets consumer needs with regard to speed, energy efficiency, productivity and safety. The new equipment must meet energy efficiency standards as established by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency and/or the EPA Energy Star program.

Imagine being able to cut cooking time in half without compromising on quality. Electrolux Professional North America helps you do just that with the new aero-speed oven. The oven integrates convection, steam, combi (convection and steam) and microwave, while still allowing use of traditional metal racks and pans. The aer-o-speed can accommodate 10 pans and comes with certified professional installation, training and maintenance.

Guests can experience tropical paradise with LUIGI’S Real Italian Ice in new Mango, Piña Colada and Kiwi-Strawberry flavors. The LUIGI’S line is naturally flavored with real fruit juice and is fat-free, cholesterol-free and dairy-free. The Italian ice has a pleasingly light, soft texture and refreshing finish. The new tropical flavors are available in 4-ounce squeeze tube grab-n-go packages that fit into many foodservice locations.

McCain introduces authentic South American-style empanadas as part of the company’s Latin Latitudes line. These 2-ounce frozen empanadas are fully prepared and can be heated in the oven or deep-fried for quick serving. They make a versatile menu addition served as appetizers, “small plates,” side orders or in a combi-
nation platter. The empanadas come in two flavors: Argentine Style Beef and Onion, seasoned with garlic and cumin, and the mildly spicy Chorizo, Potato and Cheese.

Farm Rich gives new shape to old favorites on the appetizer menu with its Cheese Bites and Cheese Straws. Available in several popular flavor varieties—Mexican and Buffalo-style Cheese Bites and Italian and Buffalo-style Cheese Straws—they’ll win fans right and left with their real mozzarella and bleu cheese fillings wrapped in bold breadcrumb coatings with a satisfying crunch. Customize a shareable appetizer plate with a variety of dipping sauces, or serve them as an out-of-the-ordinary side.

Uncle Ben’s is a four-year diamond sponsor for the American Culinary Federation Culinary Team USA, which is the United States’ official representative team in major culinary competitions worldwide. Currently ranked third in the world, the ACF Culinary Team USA will have the opportunity to continue its tradition of excellence at the Culinary World Cup in Luxemburg this November.

Put your best food forward with Hatco Corporation's new Glo-Ray Heated Stone Shelves. Ideal for use on buffet lines and as hors d’oeuvre displays, the Glo-Ray Stone Shelf features a thermostatically controlled heated base that extends food holding times. Perfectly suited to match the beauty of your presentation, these unique food warmers will safely hold food hot while providing the ideal setting to display your creations. Available in portable or built-in models, these decorative warmers come in four colors: Sawgrass, Gray Granite, Night Sky and Bermuda Sand.
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