Manufacturer Spotlight December 2006

Foodservice suppliers provide a look at products designed to make an operator’s job easier.

Who says you can’t have blueberries year round? Smucker’s introduces Sugar Free Blueberry Syrup, with Nutra-Sweet, as a low-calorie alternative to the traditional pancake syrup. Pour over pancakes or French toast topped with bananas, customers can still enjoy a little bit of summer, without the guilt.
(330) 682-3000

Ilio Jozo Rice Vinegar Company introduces Benímoso—a new vinegar made from purple sweet potatoes. Beneath this potato’s beige skin lies a deep purple flesh that produces an alcohol with a ruby hue. Benímoso comes in two styles—plain vinegar and honey-sweetened. Use to brighten stir-fries, salad dressings and other recipes. Try the honey-sweetened vinegar in cocktails or drizzled over vanilla ice cream.

Turn down a kitchen’s noise level by replacing old blenders with Blendtec’s new Q-Series Sound Reduction Blender. Providing up to 20 amp, the Q-series blender features innovative sound reducing technology and a motor that is computer controlled. Blendtec blenders can also be paired with all existing Blendtec units.

Farmland Foods makes it effortless to put barbecue pork sandwiches on the menu year round with its new Fully Cooked Boneless Rib Patty—a 3.1-ounce portion with smoked flavor added for that enticing barbecue appeal. The consistent patty size simplifies portion and cost control. Plus, the boneless patties can be prepared using a variety of equipment, including the char broiler, flat top grill, deep fryer, convection oven or microwave. 
888-FARMLAND (327-6526)

The new Ewbank MultiSweep by Earlex is lightweight with a high-impact body and extra-wide sweep path. It’s equipped with an adjustable height setting to work on carpets, tile, hardwood and laminated floors. The soft-grip handle allows maneuvering into tight corners and the automatic brush cleaning mechanism makes for easy maintenance. The MultiSweep weighs 3.5 pounds and comes with a one-year warranty.

Hellman’s new Sandwich Sauces jazz up burgers, paninis, wraps and subs with on-trend flavors, including Red Pepper Basil and Sweet Curry. The pouches feature an easy-open, perforated pour-spout.

Amerlux Lighting Solutions introduces a line of Multiple Semi-Recessed Adjustables. The energy-saving design combines the aiming flexibility of track with the look of recessed, maintaining a more consistent, subtle aesthetic.

Jazz up table service by presenting food on beautifully polished stainless steel platters. American Metalcraft’s Double-Walled Platters, curved triangular and rectangular shapes, will hold the temperature of any food longer than traditional platters. Great for celebrations and special events, these platters will elegantly showcase any food from fancy appetizers to delicate desserts.

Lucini Italia, known for its award-winning olive oil, introduces a new line of pasta sauces: Rustic Tomato Vodka, Robust Tomato Gorgonzola, Creamy Tomato Ricotta and Savory Tomato Parmigiano. All use 100 percent fresh Italian ingredients.

Pickwick taps into the popularity of iced tea with a line of black, green, white, herbal and rooibos teas in a variety of flavors, including Cherry Berry Black and Melon Green. All come in a handy filter pack.

Once exclusive to Italy, Belgioioso introduces Crescenza-Stracchino to its classic line of Italian cheeses. Made from pasteurized Wisconsin cow’s milk, this fresh, rindless cheese has a creamy texture with a hint of tartness. It melts beautifully as a pizza topping and serves as a delicious snack with olive oil or fresh fruit. Available in 3.5-pound wheels.

Tyson frozen Cornish hens make festive center-of-the-plate fare. Thaw and coat with Southwest seasonings and a Santa Fe rub, roast until golden and serve with avocado salsa and refried black beans for a New Mexican-style holiday entree. Each petite hen makes 1-2 generous servings.
800-24-TYSON Ext. 782

Create authentic Chinese favorites with Lee Kum Kee’s new line of cooking sauces: Broccoli Beef, Chinese Chicken Salad Dressing, Mongolian Beef and Kung Pao Chicken are only a few. Flavor-rich and complex, these sauces are ready to pour, heat and serve.

Healthy grains no longer have to be boring. MasterFoodServices introduces Roast Vegetable Pilaf with Whole Grains to its line of Uncle Ben’s Infused Rice. Flavor-infused rice is mixed with whole-wheat orzo and wheat berries for a healthy side dish or vegetarian meal that requires no added seasonings or stock. For on-trend recipes, visit the Website.

Everything operators should know about eggs is updated in the Incredible Edible Egg booklet. The guidebook includes egg safety, nutrition, recipes and more.

Alto-Shaam is introducing its new EcoSmart product line logo to identify equipment that protects the environment and is energy efficient. The logo will be applied to products that save operational costs in electrical power and/or water usage.

Burke Corporation’s Magnifoods Chicken Pot Pie Filling features chicken braised with potatoes and vegetables in a creamy gravy. Boil-in-bags make for quick heating. Enclose in puff pastry for individual pies or top with biscuits for buffets.

With the SET-15, a new countertop braising pan from Cleveland, operators can achieve high braising capacity without sacrificing space. The stainless steel unit offers precise temperature controls, fast heat-up and recovery and even cooking. 800-338-2204

Carroll Manufacturing and Sales, CMS, has introduced a new pouch program in which an R&D team will tailor your package to any specification. Add value by creating a customized pouch; you name it and they will make it.

Kettle Cuisine introduces four soups to its Global Adventures line: Cuban Black Bean, Asparagus and Brie, Thai Chicken and Mulligatawny. All start with homemade stock and authentic ingredients.

DayMark© Food Safety System’s disposable Grip2Go pastry bags combine the functionality of expensive canvas bags with the convenience of plastic. The anti-slip exterior allows better handling of heavier mashed potatoes and frostings.


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