Manufacturer Spotlight June 2006

Foodservice suppliers provide a look at products designed to make an operator’s job easier.

It’s time to take a whole new look at veal. Veal Ribs are a casual menu item with a delicate flavor that can be combined with various seasonings and sauces to create delicious and indulgent new dishes. Satisfy your customers with easy-to-prepare veal entrees while serving your bottom line. Visit the website below for innovative menu ideas, chef-tested recipes and the latest information on veal.

The FreeStyle shelving line from Leggett & Platt offers a simple solution for maximizing space and minimizing storage costs. The innovative cantilever design removes obstructions by eliminating front uprights, increasing the usable storage and work space by up to 40%. The shelves are strong, stable, rustproof, fully adjustable, easy to clean and easy to customize, and they work in all types of environments: dry storage, cooler, freezer, food prep/assembly and drive-through areas. Choose from zinc and a variety of epoxy finishes: Gold Bond, Grey Super-Seal and Blue Polyguard.

Spiegelau U.S.A. has introduced two new tabletop product lines: Light & Strong glass tableware and Vinovino pulled-stem wine glasses. Both offer elegance, durability and quality in dishwasher-safe glassware. An independent testing lab ran Spiegelau wine glasses through 1,500 dishwasher cycles and they emerged without scratching, markings, residue buildup or loss of brilliance. Spiegelau’s exclusive platinum glass process is available in stemmed and stemless glasses, dishes and serving pieces.

Not all Canadian bacon is created equal. Most is formed from the pork sirloin hip with ground trimmings and water or natural juice added. Naturally hickory-smoked Jones Canadian bacon uses the whole pork loin muscle with no binders or added liquid. Plus, it’s packaged fresh—never frozen.


The Tabasco Brand Hottest Bartender Contest is challenging professional bartenders and mixologists at commercial bars and foodservice establishments to compete for a $10,000 prize by submitting their best bold, flavorful cocktail recipes. Entries must feature one or more Tabasco pepper sauce flavors and be postmarked
by August 1, 2006. Winners will be chosen at a judging event in New Orleans by a panel composed of McIlhenny Company executives and Francesco LaFranconi, master mixologist and beverage specialist for Southern Wine & Spirits.

Just Perfect Turkey is Carolina Turkey’s signature line of pan-roasted turkey breasts. Each whole-muscle turkey breast is hand-formed, and the natural shape is ideal for elegant center-of-the-plate presentation or gourmet sandwiches. This premium product line offers Hand-crafted Turkey Breasts as well as Traditional Turkey Breasts, both in a variety of seasonings and flavors including Mesquite Smoked, Cajun, Honey Maple and Naturally Roasted. The Just Perfect product line also offers a range of specialty products, including Mignons wrapped in bacon, and Medallions, which are fully cooked, sliced turkey tenderloins.


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