McDonald's refocuses on value, service, marketing and menu

Retailers can expect McDonald’s to double down on its dispensed-beverage program, among other enhancements, and the chain looks to rebrand itself over the next year and a half.

McDonald’s will take the next 18 months to develop a lineup of new menu items and revive its brand, according to a Bloomberg report. The world’s largest quick-service-restaurant chain needs to be an appealing place to eat, not just a cheap one, executives said this week.

The chain told investors it is taking the next year and a half to regroup after sales continued to slide in the recent quarter and as such competitors as fast-growing Chipotle Mexican Grill seem to be leaving the burger leader behind. In McDonald’s case, however, the repositioning won’t necessarily involve the typical hallmarks of a rebrand, such as a new logo or total design overhaul, according to the report, but will instead focus on reworking the basics: better value, service, marketing and menu.

The goal is to become a “more trusted and respected brand,” said Don Thompson, McDonald’s chief executive, on Tuesday’s earnings call, according to the report.

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