McDonald’s region teams up with Uber

McDonald’s restaurants in south Florida are teaming up with the Uber car-sharing service to deliver items off the quick-service chain’s new all-day breakfast menu in a half-day giveaway promotion.

The promotion gives the restaurants a one-day jump on the rest of the chain and marks the first collaboration between Uber and any branches of the McDonald’s chain.

Patrons who request a sample of the menu between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. today will be brought an Egg McMuffin and “surprise items,” Uber said. It it is waiving the fee it usually charges for delivering restaurant food, and will donate $2 to Ronald McDonald House for each order that it carts.

Customers must use the Uber app and a special code, LuvinIt, to get the free sample and delivery.

Uber has warned the public that it expects volume to be heavy and that not all customers will succeed in reaching a driver.

Neither it nor McDonald’s revealed the logistics of the program, such as how orders will be relayed to the restaurants. Uber estimated the value of each giveaway at about $5.


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