McDonald’s sets Oct. 6 rollout for all-day breakfast

McDonald's Breakfast

McDonald’s U.S. restaurants will start offering a limited selection of breakfast items throughout the day beginning Oct. 6, the franchisor confirmed today on Twitter.

The move was approved by franchisees last week and affirmed by a franchise leadership council Tuesday, according to reports.

McDonald’s customers have long demanded the company sell breakfast items beyond the traditional 10:30 a.m. cutoff in many markets; however, a number of operational challenges deterred it from doing so.

To make the rollout easier from an operational standpoint, the company will offer a limited number of breakfast menu items all day, including sausage burritos, hot cakes and, depending on the market, Egg McMuffins or biscuit sandwiches, the Wall Street Journal reports.

As part of its well-publicized turnaround effort, the company has made a number of menu changes, which are reported to continue throughout the breakfast rollout, as McDonald’s strives to simplify and streamline operations.

The move to daylong breakfast could also be a boon to the company’s slumping sales—a recent report showed it could reap a sales boost by serving Egg McMuffins all day, to the tune of 2.5 percent per year.


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