McDonald's tries self-serve coffee

McDonald's coffee

McDonald’s is trying several new ways to boost coffee sales, including a self-service option for customers on the run.

The do-it-yourself set-up was discovered inside a Chicago unit by BrandEating.com. A picture shows a vertical dispenser located away from the regular service counter. A touchscreen enables patrons to grab a cusotmizable latte, mocha or cappuccino for $2.99 and pay for it via credit card.

Meanwhile, the chain’s branches in New England, the heart of Dunkin’ Donuts territory, are testing add-on flavor shots similar to the ones Dunkin’ offers. Patrons can supercharge their java with any of nine unsugared flavorings, from coconut to Irish cream, or three sweetened additives, including hazelnut and caramel flavorings.

The self-service device in Chicago also offers add-on shots of flavoring.


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