McDonald’s to try a new tack in all-day breakfast promotions

Time to rise and shine everyone. This one's gonna be big.

Sources familiar with McDonald's (NYSE: MCD) advertising game plan for the just-announced national rollout of all-day breakfast say it will surely be the largest advertising effort the burger behemoth has unleashed since McCafe was unveiled nationally in 2009.

Maybe even bigger. Because in a lot of ways McDonald's needs this daring experiment to work as it tries to turn around a prolonged three-year sales slide.

Unlike the revamped McDonald's "I'm Loving It" campaign from roster ad agency Leo Burnett Chicago that was unveiled in January and had a heavily cartoony component (remember all those arch-enemies finding common ground?), DDB Chicago is developing the all-day-breakfast campaign.

And sources say DDB is tacking a totally different tack.

One thing that won't be the part of the new breakfast ad campaign is anything that smacks of a cartoon. Rather, sources say DDB is going back to the roots of what made Oak Brook-based McDonald's one of the most iconic of all American advertisers, namely story-driven advertising featuring real people in situations to which viewers can relate emotionally.

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