Meanwhile, in other weirdness ...

Did the industry sneak off to Colorado or Washington for a few now-legal bong hits? How else could the business have brainstormed jaw-droppers like these?

Whoppers you can eat hands-free: The sandwich hasn't changed, but Burger King is encouraging customers in some foreign markets to try a new device that holds the Whopper in front of their mouths so they can take a bite without occupying their hands. If Bob Dylan ate Whoppers on stage, this is the gizmo he’d use. It’s basically a variation on his harmonica holder, with the Whopper situated where the mouth harp would go. It smacks of a colossal put-on. But certainly it’s getting attention.

Krusty Burgers to become real: A cameo on The Simpsons is still the only current way to guzzle a Duff’s at Moe’s with Barney and Homer, but give it some time. In the not-too-distant future, you won’t have to become a cartoon character to banter with Moe, grab a donut from Lard Boy, or lunch on a Krusty Burger. Orlando’s Universal Studios has announced that it’s expanding its Simpsons-themed attraction into a veritable Springfield, complete with all the dining options that any fan of the TV show would know. And, yes, there is buzz that Apu will have a Kwik-E-Mart on the premises.


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