Beverage Trends

Beverage trends spilling into the restaurant industry

Whether seasonal, regional or simply unique, limited-time offers are not only a way to test possible new products, but also a great marketing tool to get consumers excited about a brand and in the...

The mocktail has come a long way since the days of the Shirley Temple. Today, bartenders are building virgin drinks more like craft cocktails, with a focus on balanced flavors and quality ingredients...

japanese cheese tarts table

Chinese and Indian drinks and a Japanese snack start to make waves on U.S. menus.

frozen margarita

Restaurants are offering a new wave of frosty drinks to draw customers this summer.

summer drink sonic

Both indulgent and healthy drinks are flooding menus as seasonal specials ramp up.

windsor egg cream poka lola

As cold brew makes inroads at restaurants of many types, a shot of the stuff can perk up drink sales throughout the day.

sangria pitcher

Just in time for warmer weather, operators are mixing up new riffs on sangria.

cocktails table square

Operators are finding creative ways to serve up low-alcohol drinks, using under-the-radar booze and craft ingredients.

In the era of customization, it’s not just fast casuals trying to balance speed with DIY menus. Operators cranking out breakfast beverages face a similar lofty challenge: how to get customers through...

wine bottle table square

Bottle-sharing programs are boosting by-the-bottle buying.