MFHA to Host Diversity Symposium in Atlanta

The Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance will host "Straight Talk: Lessons Learned and Best Practices," a symposium that is expected to engage participants through provocative talk-show style sessions. Symposium attendees will break out into content-specific tracks focused on the recruitment of a diverse workforce, sales strategies for multicultural markets, and the challenges and benefits of supplier diversity programs.

MFHA's leading sponsors for the event including Cargill/Sunny Fresh Foods, the Coca-Cola Co., the Pepsi-Cola Co, and others.

Among the topics for discussion will be:

  • What should I call you -- Latino or Hispanic? Black or African-American?

  • Can I make money in minority and urban markets?

  • Should restaurant managers learn to speak Spanish? Or should we put more funds into English-language training?

    "These are the kinds of 'Straight Talk' questions you will hear at this important industry gathering," according to MFHA President, Gerry Fernandez. "MFHA has historically tackled the toughest issues faced by our industry. Our past conferences have addressed topics such as minority tipping, the role of white men in the diversity paradigm, and the challenge of language barriers. Attendees will be encouraged to ask their toughest questions. Unlike other conferences, we'll answer those questions."

    The one-day symposium will also feature keynote speakers Helen Zia, an Asian American activist and author, and Herman Cain, a restaurant industry pioneer, author and TV personality.

    Preceding "Straight Talk," participants may attend:

  • "3D": Diversity, Development, Dialogues -- a professional development session geared towards mid-level multicultural managers, with an emphasis on women of color.

  • Survival Spanish


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