MFHA Unveils Multicultural Marketing Toolkit

The first edition of the multicultural marketing series encompasses the Hispanic market and launched last month at the Multi-Unit Foodservice Operators Conference, in Dallas.

The toolkit incorporates a colorful 32-page pocket guide which includes research, case studies and other insights provided by McDonald's, Olive Garden, MFHA and PepsiCo Foodservice. A three-minute video companion introduces the content with commentary from president and founder of MFHA, Gerry Fernandez, executives of PepsiCo., such as Marie Quintana, vice president of ethnic sales development and Chris Furman, president of PepsiCo Foodservice, and Tony Suarez, vice president of multicultural marketing at McDonald's Corp.

Furman explained the need for such a guide and its benefits: "The growth rate for Hispanic-Latino market is four time that of Non-Hispanics. This toolkit provides consumer insights and strategies that are both actionable by [your] marketing teams and beneficial to your business plans."

Furman's statement is underlined and supported by the beliefs of MFHA, according to Fernandez, who added: "Companies who are successful have learned to incorporate cultural competencies into their overall business strategies."


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