Mid-America Puts OK Town on the Map

ENID, OK - Recent growth of local companies have made the business community take note of this Southwestern town.

Mid-America Wholesale, Inc., a $24 million local distributorship was cited as one of those companies that helped Enid be included in the Top 25 list of small metro areas for doing business in America, as ranked by Inc. magazine.

Jon Blankenship, president and ceo of the Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce, credits modest job growth as the key to Enid's listing. "We have had several companies make substantial capital investment and added primary sector jobs" in the last 24 months, Blankenship said. "Advance Food, Atwoods, Voice Logger and Mid-America Wholesale come to mind."

For a closer look at Mid-America Wholesale, see the Market Mainstay profile on the company in the Nov. 14, 2003, edition of ID Report.


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