Mid-America: Where the customer is more than the boss

In a marketplace, such as Oklahoma, where the economic doldrums faced by the all-important agricultural and petroleum industries have cast their shadows on other businesses, successful foodservice distributorships have had to do more than merely provide their operator customers with competitively-priced products on time.


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Mid-America Wholesale, Inc.

Enid, OK

Year founded: 1956
President/ceoMark Dick
General managerRon Lukenbaugh
2002 Sales$26 million
Anticipated 2003 sales$24 million
TerritoryOK, TX, KS
No. of Accounts1,200
Future growth target5%
No. of DSRs, ISRs, DSMs8, 1, 1
No. of Drivers10
Distribution center size56,000 sq. ft.
AffiliationAll Kitchens