Shell upon ebony shell heaped in front of you in all their briny bounty— few things satisfy body and soul as much as a bowl of mussels. While steaming seems to be the preparation of choice, some restaurateurs are infusing the bivalves with more exotic flavors. More bread, please!

Laurelhurst Market
Portland, OR
Mussels steamed with Dijon, creme fraiche, lamb bacon and fennel; $13

The Breslin
New York City, NY
Mussel soup with curry butter; $14

Brasserie Beck
Washington, DC
Steamed mussels with white wine, garlic and parsley; $17

Place Pigalle
Seattle, WA
Mussels steamed with smoked bacon, celery, shallots, balsamic vinaigrette; $14

Bertha’s Bar & Restaurant
Baltimore, MD
Mussels with anchovy, tomato and garlic butter; $11.50

Boston, MA
Pan roasted P.E.I. mussels with Sicilian Marsala and tossed with Italian bacon and roasted shallots; $14


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