Naugles returns to a cult following after 20-year break

After a 20-year hiatus, Naugles, a popular Mexican restaurant that once had a cult-like following, reopened this week in southern California.

The Naugles rebirth was met with joy which resonated over social media. Fans of the restaurant posted exclamations of excitement and anticipation and shared their love of Naugles.

One user said he'd missed the restaurant's cheese burritos for "far too long."

Another fan of the chain said the reopening was a big deal because "Naugles is to Mexican food as In-N-Out is to hamburgers."

Still other lovers of the restaurant said the reopening brought back good memories.

Tuesday's opening at a location in Fountain Valley, Calif., came after years of hard work from Naugles devotee Christian Ziebarth. After working with partners to recreate the iconic menu featuring Mexican and American dishes, Ziebarth served popular recipe items at pop-ups in southern California before the restaurant opened.

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