NECS announces low-cost software to automate small foodservice distribution operations

MADISON, Conn. (Dec. 21, 2009)—Building on its experience of automating the foodservice distribution industry since 1987, NECS, Inc, a Connecticut-based software company, announces its latest product: entrée.LE. “LE” stands for “Lite Edition”, and it joins the popular entrée line of software in use by over 1,500 foodservice distributors nation-wide.

For the first time, specialty software long available to large foodservice distributors is now available to the small foodservice distributor: both to the small distributors with a full line of products, and for those who specialize in meat, cheese, poultry, produce, seafood or dairy products.

For twenty-two years, NECS sole mission has been to produce top quality software for foodservice distributors. Company president and founder, Chris Anatra, said that “many smaller distributors are forced to purchase low cost software that cause a lot of frustration to the owner, because these types of off-the-shelf products simply were not designed with the needs of food distributors in mind.”  The entrée.LE system is designed to increase profitability and efficiency for small foodservice distributors.

There are thousands of features included in the entrée.LE system, including fast entry of customer orders, standard orders, catchweights, breaking of cases, special pricing, truck routing, profitability reports, commissions, sales history and accounts receivable tracking. Basically, NECS has taken its popular entrée software and added some restrictions. These restrictions include a limit of 1,000 customers, 1,000 items and no detailed inventory control features. (These restrictions are designed for distributors with only a few trucks on the road, and sales less than $3 million/year.).  Later, when the distributor’s business grows, NECS will allow a trade up to the main entrée software with a credit from the entrée.LE purchase. 

Entrée.LE is priced at $995 (plus $395/each for additional user on a network). The software runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. 

For more information about entrée.LE, please visit www.necs.com/le, or call 203.245.3999.


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