New FOODPROFILE.COM portal enhances product information resource for DSRs

This new feature-rich service model transitions PROFILE to a hosted, software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

The new portal is available at www.foodprofile.com and features a new PROFILE Web Publisher, which allows participating manufacturers to create, maintain and update all of their product information through an easy-to-use, interactive web portal. This enhanced functionality ensures that all PROFILE® manufacturer-partner data is always current and up-to-date, a critical requirement for the thousands of DSRs and operators who rely on the accuracy of PROFILE® data in their day-to-day business activities.

A unique Data Import feature is also included in the new release, enabling manufacturers to seamlessly import their product information into PROFILE using SOA web services.

The new portal also features easy-to-use navigation tools that allow DSRs to search for items by manufacturer, brand, product, category/class and GTIN (global trade identification number). With more than 50,000 items now available in the PROFILE database, this enhanced search functionality ensures that all users will find the widest variety of products that match their customers’ specific needs.

To further assist DSRs in providing product information to customers, the new portal includes a robust Data Scorecard feature. It allows participants to quickly and easily identify gaps in PROFILE® product information based on their specific requirements. When voids and missing items are identified, the information can be easily shared between all trading partners to ensure the most complete and accurate data is available at all times.

“The Web portal and Web Publisher functionality ensures that the product information is accurate, current and complete. And the Data Scorecard feature provides a unique linkage between distributor and manufacturer trading partners to make certain that all products are being marketed in the most effective, efficient manner possible. This linkage and improved communication creates growth and greater efficiency for all parties involved,” said Kurien Jacob, ceo of AFS Technologies.


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