New Holding Company to Build Texas Produce Distributorships

The statement also said the owners of NDG consist of a group of private investors that include owners of some of the nation's leading independent produce distribution companies.

"Independent distributors compete in an ever changing and consolidating marketplace", stated Steve Grinstead, president and ceo of NDG and also president of Pro*Act, the distributor co-op in Monterey, CA. "The distribution network has room for further consolidation but independents have limited options when considering their long-term exit strategies. NDG is interested in partnering with those companies to provide more flexibility in that process."

According to the statement, National Distribution Group targets transactions with privately held companies in the foodservice, wholesale or retail distribution segments of the industry. Management led buyouts, equity stakes, and strategic resource partnerships are some of the acquisition structures that NDG can provide to entrepreneurial mid-market companies in the perishable food industry, the announcement stated.


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