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LAMB WESTON SEASONED ‘AMAIZEING’ FRIES: With their thick, seasoned corn masa batter, Lamb Weston brand Amaizeing Fries turn any menu into a Southwestern sensation. A combination of hearty potato and seasoned corn flavors, they’re ideal as a profitable second fry option or as the inspiration for many creative appetizers and side items. There’s a choice of two unique cut styles: Thin Strips and the classic CrissCut shape. 800-766-7783

HOBART’S WASTEPRO SYSTEMS: According to a recently released Technomic Inc. study, WastePro Systems can result in savings of up to 88% on waste volume while cutting water and costs, improving employee productivity, improving sanitary conditions, and reducing the waste impact on landfills.

PACIFICA CULINARIA AVOCADO OILS: Pacifica Culinaria offers a line of infused avocado oils that blends avocado with complementary flavors like citrus, herbs, and roasted garlic. The oil is extracted from fresh avocados, a fruit high in monoun­saturated fats. Its high smoke point (500°F) makes it ideal for searing, grilling, and sautéing, and its high viscosity lends a light, silky texture to dressings.

DOLE TROPICAL GOLD PINEAPPLE: Dole Foodservice announces the latest addition to its revolutionary Pouch Packs line, Dole Tropical Gold Pineapple. Naturally sweeter and juicier than regular pineapple, this product is filled with chunks of pineapple for a fresh-cut appearance for use in salad bars, buffets, and side dishes. Pouch Packs have a shelf life of 12 months and are available in Pineapple Tidbits  and Tropical Fruit Salad.

CLEVELAND RANGE STEAMCHEF6-BOILERLESS STEAMER: The new, affordable SteamChef6 is a high-speed electric convection steamer that’s both easy to use and easy to clean. Its patented KleanShield cooking compart­ment is designed to collect and remove waste. This also eliminates foaming and avoids contamination of reservoir water. 216-481-4900

SOLO CUPS’ TROPHY FOOD CONTAINERS: Newly launched Trophy food containers from Solo Cup Company keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. The thin-walled foam insulates better than paper and is stronger than beaded foam. All Trophy containers feature a space saving, stackable design for storage efficiency, and a rolled rim for tighter lid fit.

UNCLE BEN’S CLASSIC RISOTTO: Now it’s easier than ever to serve risotto with new Uncle Ben’s Classic Risotto from MasterFoodServices. With convenient heat-and-serve technology, it meets the demands of foodservice with risotto that can be ready to serve in less than 90 seconds. (Risotto from scratch takes 20 to 40 minutes to prepare.) Wow guests with this “gourmet comfort food.”

HELLMANN"S SALAD BAR BOTTLES: Put an end to messy-looking salad bars with Hellmann’s new Salad Bar Bottles. These handy bottles dispense Creamy Ranch, Sweet French, and Balsamic Vinaigrette dressings neatly. The controlled-pour bottle is topped off by a secure, easy-to-open flip top, making the bottle reclosable.

HORMEL’S BREAD READY MEATS: Thanks to an advanced high pressure processing technology, Hormel’s Bread Ready line of sliced deli meats eliminates the need for chemical preservatives. Bread Ready sliced meats with TrueTaste technology employ controlled water pressure to kill potentially harmful pathogens. 


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