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As the skies darken, restaurants are lighting up with specials.

elon musk tesla factory

The Thomas Edison of our time has no lock on technological breakthroughs. Check out the leaps that were clocked this week alone in the restaurant business. Hearing footsteps, Elon?


The answer depends on who you ask.

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Despite upping speed and convenience, these new technologies also raise some privacy concerns

summer salads

It’s peak season to build a summer salad around the abundance of fresh produce that’s now available. These salads feature summer’s best fruits and vegetables.

dunkin donuts coffee cups
The doughnut specialist is ready to start transforming stores into more of a 'beverage-led, on-the-go" concept.
joes crab shack
The casual chain has quietly been cut by more than a third as it awaits a change in ownership.
delivery pizza man
And most of the increased business should be incremental, with no loss by traditional leaders like pizza chains.
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The latest software is helping operators track food safety's moving target.

el pollo loco family meal

Operators are offering their own versions of meal kits, serving up bundled family meals that often have an off-premise bent.

waste lettuce trash

These operators are going beyond the expected to repurpose trash into innovative menu items.

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To get a read of the industry’s top labor concerns, we partnered with Technomic, Chicago data firm and RB’s sister company. Its Community Panel comprises more than 2,000 foodservice operators. Here’s the scuttlebutt from industry insiders.

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The rules and regulations to keep an eye out for in your area.