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To get a read of the industry’s top labor concerns, we partnered with Technomic, Chicago data firm and RB’s sister company. Its Community Panel comprises more than 2,000 foodservice operators. Here’s the scuttlebutt from industry insiders.

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The rules and regulations to keep an eye out for in your area.

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The Jesus of Pizza dishes on how his “tribe” strives for a different kind of workplace.

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Coffee drinkers jam the counters at Starbucks waiting to jump-start their day. But more than half of customers come in after 11 a.m., many looking for something to eat.

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Dedicated snack menus are on the rise in casual dining to capture anytime eaters.

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The old-school lunch counter is undergoing a rebirth. The luncheonette design makes smart business sense in an ever-challenging restaurant economy.

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A one-of-a-kind unit capitalizes on Colorado’s looser liquor laws.

Operators say the right kitchen display system can streamline order fulfillment and costs.

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Operators give insight on words to use or avoid on menus.

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An employee who marched has been very publicly fired, and a nearby establishment won praise—and threats—for taking a stance.
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They're coming from a land Down Under to make their mark on the coffee cafe segment.

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Bad times bring bold moves, as restaurants demonstrated this week with previews of just how far they're willing to go for a business advantage.

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The average check also slipped as chains tried to lure patrons with deals.