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DineEquity, which also franchises IHOP, has reached outside the restaurant industry for Julia Stewart's successor.

Turn a simple dish into a menu signature by pumping up flavor and presentation with a housemade sauce. These six recipes demonstrate how to elevate everything.

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A bill signed into law yesterday by the governor will penalize restaurants for making last-minute shift changes. It's widely seen as a model for other states.
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The fast-casual tidal wave continues.

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Two years after San Francisco became the first of a growing list of jurisdictions to limit restaurant scheduling, the industry is contending with some unexpected side effects.

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Almost every food media and critic issues a list of top restaurants. A new ranking uses the standouts among those lists as the basis for what it says is the authoritative rundown of the industry's best places. Here's our analysis of how they earned that distinction.

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Spiking wing prices are forcing chains to explore alternative ways of skinning a chicken.

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Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes were acquired by a private-equity firm and an investor that operates its holdings, typically for a longer stretch than most PE companies hold their investments.

Consumers reveal which chain limited-time offers they were most likely to order last month based on the name and description.

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Rather than fight the momentum of a wacky or outlandish social post, some operators are jumping in on the joke.

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Stay ahead of the curve with the latest foods and flavors emerging in trendsetting restaurants.

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Consumers’ most craved restaurant chicken wings don't only come from wings concepts.

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Recent days brought signs of how bad things could get in the restaurant business, along with some advice from the ultimate chief executive about what to do about it.