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A new report shows the percentage of diners choosing to eat on-premise is holding steady, indicating the uptick in takeout, delivery and catering is incremental.
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Will Doughbird land Fox in the henhouse with high-stakes chain investors again?

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New-age kitchen gadgets shave time off guest interactions.

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Punch cards are a thing of the past; these new initiatives are meeting modern needs at top chains.

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How to make sure diners know where to go and what to do in your limited-service operation.

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Restaurants are increasingly adding a common pulled pork cut, a Spanish sausage, a trash fish and an upscale beef product to their menus.

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As more chains vie for off-premise sales, the need to differentiate is prompting late entrants to think about what should carry their food.

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A local landmark, the Big Chicken KFC becomes a sales leader for the chain.

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The nation's worsening drug problem is spilling into restaurants, and that's not the only negative carryover from other realms. Overtime lawsuits are proliferating while new regulations are on hold. But there is some good news among the week's most noticeable developments.

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This year's newcomers come in the form of DIY pizza places, better-for-you fast casuals or an unpretentious, approachable vibe wrapped in a full-service experience.

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A just-released gauge of the industry's performance last month suggests conditions could have hit bottom.
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Burger King riles a whole country, ICE savors the handiwork of the very people it’s apprehending, restaurants discover an unknown party is running their websites, and a dress code is slammed as racist.

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The recipes here highlight the flavors and ingredients of Korean, Filipino, Burmese, Tunisian and Turkish cooking that are gradually emerging on more mainstream menus.