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A shareholder proposal would give the operators a seat on their franchisor's board, setting a precedent for other publicly owned chains.
baked with hate fluff bake bar
Former "Top Chef" contestant's bakery finds success is the best revenge with its Yelper-inspired Baked With Hate menu.
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How operators are crushing workplace bullying and fostering female talent.

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Having a strategic, cohesive online existence can generate new business while strengthening the behavioral loyalty of existing customers.

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5 operators are pairing the bird with more than waffles.

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Restaurants could be losing one of the industry's key federal protections, and that's not the only extreme possibility that emerged for the business.

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The post also cast aspersions on the president's manhood.
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The top and fastest-growing chains don’t always align with average total menu items in their sectors.

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Operators are unveiling a host of new restaurant and bar concepts this spring, including the first Union Square Cafe outside of NYC.

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Expand your industry knowledge with these bookshelf staples.

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Full-service chicken-wing chains are hatching quick-serve spinoffs.

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This year's class of nominees include newcomers and industry veterans. Winners will be announced May 1.
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Preparation of orders placed through mobile devices will begin when the system detects the patrons premise on site. The guest will be given a choice of how they want to pick up the order.