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A proposal in Berkeley, Calif., to levy a penny-an-ounce tax on sugared sodas is seen as a test of the public’s willingness to fight obesity with price manipulations. Now former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has reportedly thrown his weight and considerable financial resources behind passing the ballot measure.
Four more cities in the Garden State have approved paid sick leave measures that take effect Jan. 1. The controversial benefit is moving across the state city-by-city, even as lawmakers in Trenton eye measures to mandate paid sick leave from border to border.
After a one-year honeymoon when businesses failing to comply were cautioned by letter to change their policies, a city agency says it’s ready to take sterner action against employers who fail to abide.
The Habit Restaurants Inc., operator of the 98-unit The Habit Burger Grill fast-casual chain, filed SEC documents this week for its initial, $86.3-million public offering.
A new pay scale will be introduced in January, raising the take home of baristas and shift managers. Meanwhile, visible tattoos are now permitted everywhere but on staffers’ faces, and employees can add a dash of personal flair, like a scarf or a pin. Restrictions are still in place for some body piercings.
With the addition of the smaller and regional chain, the king of the pizza-and-games segment has a new expansion vehicle.
Pappas Meat & Co., a new steak house venture, is set to make its debut next week, featuring such signatures as fried green tomatoes and crab cakes. It’s positioned as a steak house with southern flair.
Preliminary assessments show less of a decline so far than the drop-off triggered by the SARS epidemic, and most of the downturn is limited to travel to and from Africa.
The measure would offer landlords incentives to keep longstanding places as tenants.
Mayor de Blasio hasn’t tipped his hand about the approach, but his intent is evident. Advocates who blocked his predecessor’s attempt at a ban are included in the strategizing this time.
A ballot initiative would overturn a requirement that beer or wine can only be sold to patrons who buy food.
Gov. Terry McAuliffe has directed the state liquor authority to raise prices as a way of closing a $2.4 billion budget deficit. Restaurateurs and consumers point out that prices are already jacked up by the third highest liquor tax rate in the nation.
The reservation giant is one of several parties aiming to usher digital wallets into widespread use.