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Damage assessments range widely for restaurants in the affected area. Meanwhile, vineyards are taking inventory on much of a wine supply they may have lost.
Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a law lifting a ban on pets on eatery patios. Individual businesses still have the final say about whether to let dogs join human diners or not.
Russian regulators are cracking down in what authorities say is a matter of food safety. But the closures of a handful of McDonald's restaurants and unscheduled checks of several others comes amid tit-for-tat sanctions between Russia and the West, Time reports.
At a contentious public hearing, Portland, Maine restaurant owners told the mayor that a proposed hike to $10.68 by 2017 would hike up payroll expenses for businesses barely making ends meet.
In a move that drew cheers from some and pushback from brick-and-mortar restaurants, the mayor announced plans to allow the trendy concepts downtown and possibly loosen other regulatioins on the food trucks.
They're certainly fun to try, but "fun to try" isn't exactly a long-term business plan. Industry watchers weigh in on the viability of such concepts, in the wake of the Crumbs bankruptcy.
The app is partnering with a dozen companies to allow users to reserve a car directly through those companies' own apps, including Starbucks' and OpenTable's.
Lawmakers approved a bill that would impose harsher penalties for stealing a restaurant's used cooking oil, which has become a hot commodity for theives that can fetch hundreds of dollars.
Looting and vandalism have hit some stores hard, but it's the sustained loss of foot traffic that's hurting eateries like Subway and Quiznos in the protests following the death of unarmed teen Michael Brown.
The coffee chain's pilot program is sending its food trucks to three college campuses to serve food and drinks with more flexible hours than some dining halls.
Eleven items, including a mini quesadilla and dessert empanada, will get the one-buck treatment on Taco Bell's new $1 Craving Menu, aimed squarely at McDonald's and others' value offerings.
Peeking behind the door into Starbucks' design operations—tasked with making every store feel like a unique, local coffee shop and not a mass-produced, generic product out of Seattle.
Danny Meyer's popular burger chain reportedly is preparing to following a string of others, including El Pollo Loco, Zoes Kitchen and Papa Murphy's, by lining up an IPO, according to insiders.