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Local operators have developed a plan that would allow them in effect to pay the meters on city parking so the space could be used for outdoor seating.
The company is saying little about the experiment, but reports say the home-sharing website is inviting homeowners to host dinner parties for strangers and charge a fee.
Don’t expect the industrywide decline in restaurant traffic to be reversed anytime soon, according to new data and analysis from Black Box Intelligence.
Technically, the name is Wow! That’s Fresh. But Outback Steakhouse and PDQ co-founder Bob Basham likely doesn’t mind the shock value of the name. The fast-casual concept will feature pizza and salads as well as burgers.
Food handlers in restaurants cause about 70 percent of norovirus outbreaks from contaminated food, a new report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds. And one in five restaurant workers admits going to work while sick.
The chain vows to remove artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives over the next two years, a reflection of the growing distaste consumers are showing for such ingredients.
As Minneapolis joins dozens of U.S. cities in renewing its ban on polystyrene foam, a lot of restaurant owners say they already are prepared or are looking into greener options to meet next year’s deadline.
Take a melting-pot population, add chefs who’ve trained and cooked elsewhere before coming back to the area, and you have the ingredients for a trend-setting restaurant city rife with ideas.
Sandell Asset Management is accusing Bob Evans of inappropriately trying to screen the investors’ nominees.
The 0.1 percent slip in purchasing was the first decline in more than a year, but forecasters haven’t tempered predictions of a sharp upswing in economic activity. More alarm seemed to be raised by the spike in prices, the highest rise in the national inflation gauge since November 2012.
A former employee is suing the company, which also operates Spiaggia and Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe in Chicago, claiming it improperly counts a tip credit toward employee wages.
BloombergBusinessweek opens the doors to the chain’s test kitchen to reveal the innovation team’s source for ideas and how a product goes from prototype to promotion.
As part of a plan to boost slipping profits, the burger giant plans to sell a chunk of company-owned units—largely outside the U.S.—to franchisees by the end of 2016.