All the current restaurant news

The company formed by the merger of the two quick-service chains has set its structure and management of the two brands.
Yum! Brands told investors its fried-chicken and pizza chains will try to sweeten their appeal by using some of the techniques that worked for Taco Bell.
A small tech company says the two chains were among the retail parties whose mobile systems incorporated the firm’s proprietary functions.
Raising the minimum of Canada’s second most populated province by the rate of inflation is “a fair and balanced approach,” Restaurants Canada says.
Burger King has stressed that it didn’t relocate to Tim Hortons’ headquarters to cut its tax bill, but a watchdog group says the savings are considerable.
Fewer variations will be offered, but the deletions amount to eight fewer food options and five fewer Value Meals.
The cost-of-living increase will raise the minimum to $8.05 on January 1.
A new study finds customers rating the brands as the ones most attuned to what they want.
Marriott is joining Hilton and Best Western in hatching new lodging brands aimed specifically at younger travelers.
Restaurants of every size would be required to provide paid sick leave under a bill that's under consideration in the state legislature.
Despite considerable controversy, the merger has been completed. The new company will be run by BK’s Daniel Schwarz.
A dozen restaurants are being outfitted with a design abounding in upscale touches.
In addition to customizing burgers and chicken sandwiches via a kiosk, customers in some 2,000 units will soon be served their food at the table, and in baskets, not wrappers. They’ll also have a choice of regular or sweet-potato fries.