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One-liners concerning wimps, going naked and princess crowns give RLC attendees insight into the minds of some of the top industry leaders.

jose andres
The two will collaborate at such venues as stadiums and college campuses.
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Chiropractors' delights this week included suggestions Chipotle may scrap its burger venture, a backfire for Burger King on a new form of advertising, a rethink of delivery by Taco Bell and a potentially devastating threat to alcohol sales.

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Operators at the Restaurant Leadership Conference wrestled with the dizzying array of third-party delivery services, while weighing how off-premise may continue to shift and change.

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Rooftops and patios can be a big draw—if the upfront costs add up.

dogs at restaurant

How to best handle pooches on the patio as dog-friendly legislation (and the weather) heats up.

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A new CIA restaurant addresses wage gaps.


A text from outside the R&D department was the seed for Taco Bell’s latest mashup—the Naked Chicken Chalupa.

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Restaurateurs in Spain have hit on some unusual ways to address problems they have in common with peers in the United States. Here are a few of the innovations.

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The trend toward local sourcing of ingredients is prompting chefs in different parts of the country to revisit local dishes. Each of these recipes has a story to tell.

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Customers want brands to connect with them personally, both inside the four walls of a restaurant and out. The challenge now is how to figure out the ‘where’ and ‘how’ that creates an impact.

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The need-to-know info for when it's time to sell a restaurant.

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See what passes as entertainment at restaurants these days.