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A look at the largest franchisees in each region finds companies that are experts in their markets, and have local management and distribution to support franchisee stores.

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The deal will give J. Alexander's a firm foothold in New England.
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The three-brand company said it intends to use the new mini IPO format.
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The measures endorsed by the president yesterday would cut legal immigration and give an edge to newcomers who are overqualified for entry-level foodservice jobs.
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In an upscale riff on grab-and-go, some operators are adding picnic blankets, silverware and even a bike tour to off-premise options.

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How low can restaurants sink? Farther than you may have thought, suggested industry observers who set out to find that outer boundary. Here, in a special edition of Restaurant Nightmares, are the absolute worst restaurant dishes, names and demonic collaborations.

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Since August is National Sandwich Month, it's time to inject some creativity into your sandwich lineup. These six recipes prove small tweaks that make a big difference.

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Here's how operators can elevate presentation of menu items to generate buzz.

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How far afield will operators go in their quest for updates of familiar favorites? This month, we’re clocking the distance on two fronts, including what some adventurers are doing with french fries.

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Keep tabs on operators' latest strategies for ensuring their restaurants are worthy of the perfect Instagram shot.

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The penny-an-ounce charge will extend to any sweetened nonalcoholic beverage, including diet sodas.
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The department said it'd like a collaborative deal signed last week with Sonic to be a model for restaurant franchisors.
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Health, shmealth—consumers want their fries, but not exactly in the same old way.