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The process is expensive and complex, but operators can risk sanctions without one, Advice Guys says.

The recognition of the industry's boldest user of technology was bestowed on a college operation rather than a conventional restaurant.

The chain's parent company has decided not to reopen stores that were closed by Hurricane Harvey.

The 50-year-old chain will now be a sister concept to Hot Dog on a Stick and Pretzelmaker.

The move may have Starbucks looking over its shoulder.

The three winners of Restaurant Business’ 2017 Tech Accelerator Awards are using technology to revolutionize their business models and reshape the customer experience.

A sweeping prohibition of single-use wares has finally been set for enforcement, and restaurants indicate they're ready.

Here's how to navigate the forward-thinking practice, according to Advice Guy.

The offer should net the chain more than $2.2 million in a flash.

The restaurant industry's second-largest chain reached into retailing for the next leader of its domestic operations and corporate COO.