NPD: Better-For-You Foods, Takeout to Grow In Next Decade

“A Look into The Future of Eating” provides a 10-year forecast of eating trends based on generational influences, population and trend momentum gathered from NPD’s 30-years of tracking America’s eating patterns. The report covers a broad spectrum of food and beverage categories, preparation methods, meal situations, and other food-related behaviors.

“As the population ages, levels of concern regarding food and nutrition are expected to rise,” says Ann Hanson, author of the report and director of product development at NPD. “For this reason, ‘better for you’ food options are forecasted to grow strongly over the next 10 years.”
The NPD report also identifies the foods that will be declining over the next ten years. Among the foods forecasted to decline are quick assembly lunch/dinner foods, which are dominated by sandwiches; certain breakfast foods; and side dish breads.

“NPD has been continuously tracking eating habits in the U.S. since 1980, and now we’ve taken the next step and looked at what Americans will be eating in the future,” says Hanson. “The study’s findings have major implications for food companies in terms of long-term product and packaging innovation, distribution, and recipe development.”

Top food trends expected to grow during the next decade are:
•    Organic (41%)
•    Restaurant meals eaten in-home (20%)
•    Light/lite/diet/low-calorie labels (18%)
•    Salty/savory snack foods (16%)
•    Easy meals, e.g. fruit, snacks as meals, yogurt, bars, etc.  (16%
•    Appetizers eaten as in-home main meals (16%)


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