NPD: Spike in Concern about Bird Flu Hasn

In the five years that NPD has been tracking food safety issues, this jump in awareness and concern has not been seen by another food/health issue since the first mad cow was discovered in the United States and the avian flu has not even reached the United States to date, the market researcher pointed out.

This hike in awareness and concern is quite substantial, considering it is not a food or health issue in this country at this point. NPD's Food Safety Monitor report is conducted bi-weekly via an online survey, and is also reported bi-weekly.

"The issue of bird flu is clearly a growing concern of Americans," said Harry Balzer, vice president, noting, "there are so many unknowns as to what impact it may have, that the unknowns cause heightened anxiety."

"So far, we have not seen the bird flu topic impacting adults' eating patterns," said Kristin Nickels, product manager of The NPD Food Safety Monitor.


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