NRA Commends Bush for Immigration Reform Solution

"President Bush took an important step in driving the debate on immigration. The President reiterated that enforcement alone will not fix the broken immigration system, and that a comprehensive approach is necessary," said Steven Anderson, NRA president and ceo. "The National Restaurant Association agrees we need fair and workable solutions that will strengthen our economy, including small business such as restaurants, as well as protect our borders."

Last month, the U.S. Senate reached a critical bipartisan compromise that would provide employment opportunities to immigrants when no U.S. workers are available. This agreement would also enable undocumented immigrants and their families to become full members of society if they can demonstrate that they have satisfied a number of requirements, including passing background checks, learning English and paying a fine.

As co-chair of the Essential Worker Immigration Coalition (EWIC), the National Restaurant Association has been a leader within the business community in supporting comprehensive reform for nearly seven years. EWIC is comprised of more than 40 national businesses and trade associations seeking reform of America's broken immigration system.

"Following the President's lead, we urge Senators to move forward on comprehensive reform. By doing so, we will take crucial steps toward securing our borders and ensuring economic stability within the restaurant industry and across the nation," said Anderson.


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