Nutritionists predict top diet trends for 2015

Health-minded consumers will make seeds and nuts the most popular “super foods” of 2015, according to a survey of more than 500 registered dieticians.

The research, conducted by Today’s Dietician magazine and the public relations agency Pollock Communications, indicates that the most pronounced trends in healthful eating next year will be continuations of patterns that were visible in 2014. But the levels of interest in most will shift, the data suggest.

Here are the Top 5 predictions from the report:

1. New nutritional super heroes

This year, 54 percent of the respondents named seeds and nuts as the super foods that will reign in 2015. Most of the respondents agreed that kale, Greek yogurt, coconut products and avocado will also remain popular healthful choices.

2. Tea perks up

About a third (35 percent) of the dietician-respondents named as the drink of choice for the health-minded.

3. The "beef" about beef

According to dietitians, most consumers view animal-based protein, such as meat, fish and poultry, as being high in quality.

4. Gluten-free to remain strong

Two-thirds of the dietician-respondents believe gluten-free or wheat-free diets will continue to be trendy in 2015.

5. Old is new

Despite the popularity of some low-grain diets, half the respondents predicted that ancient grains, like amaranth, quinoa, spelt and freekah, will be a top trend in 2015.


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