NYC’s salt-labeling rule stopped for now

salt spill

Enforcement of a New York City law requiring chain restaurants to label high-sodium items on their menus was temporarily stopped by an appeals court judge Monday, according to a statement from the National Restaurant Association, which is fighting the law.

The city's salt-labeling rule, which took effect late last year, requires chains with 15-plus units nationwide to mark items with at least 2,300 milligrams of salt using a salt-shaker icon.

Noncompliant restaurants would have qualified for a $200 fine starting tomorrow, March 1.

“The association is pleased by today’s decision to grant emergency relief for the men and women that own and operate New York’s restaurants from this unlawful and unprecedented sodium mandate,” the NRA said in its statement. 

This development comes less than a week after another judge blocked the NRAs attempt to stop the law from being enforced.


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