Olive Garden snags $2.1M in 1-second offer

olive garden pasta pass hand

Olive Garden sold all 21,000 of its new unlimited visits cards in less than a second today.

At $100 each, the online offer brought in $2.1 million in revenues—and tons of free publicity.

The Never Ending Pasta Pass entitles a buyer—and only the buyer—to unlimited servings of certain items off the Italian chain’s menu, along with free soft drinks for the whole table, from Oct. 3 through Nov. 20. The card bearers can visit as often as they want, but must eat in the restaurant if they want to forgo an extra charge.

The offer marks the third time Olive Garden has offered the pass. Ten time as many passes were put on sale today as had been previously offered.

Olive Garden had said that it would cut off the deal today if not all the passes were sold in an hour.


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