New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology
kitchen ovens warmers

New-age kitchen gadgets shave time off guest interactions.

touch screen kiosk

Kiosk implementation is happening quickly. Here are several factors to consider when making the tech-heavy transition so operators and guests don't feel a negative impact.


Restaurant operators provide guidelines on how to prepare for the inevitable power outage, from preparing crash kits to petitioning for grid upgrades.

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While the industry may be slow to adopt ultra high-tech advances such as robots, there's innovation happening on the equipment front, with suppliers trying to make running a restaurant easier.

A restaurant chain’s test kitchen has often been as much a status symbol as a well-equipped research lab. Far from the crowds, it’s a place to show off for focus groups and visitors to the corporate...

kitchen ovens warmers

Among the latest innovations at the NAFEM Show: tech-enhanced equipment that's designed to ease operations.

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Kitchen recasts are accounting for a large part of chains’ capex budgets for 2017. The aim of the moment is to boost throughput and capitalize on off-premise demand.

Of the thousands of operators walking the halls of Orlando’s convention center during the NAFEM Show, some simply shop for upgrades to their tried-and-true kitchen equipment. Others have radical...

Consumers expect food from the drive-thru to be just as tasty and fresh as food eaten in the restaurant. Packaging is key to delivering on that expectation. And roughly two-fifths of consumers use...

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Restaurant brands are driving engagement, enhancing value and generating buzz with innovative uses of food and drink containers.