How to keep high-traffic areas clean

clean lobby high traffic areas

Operators across segments are challenged with keeping floors and carpets in public spaces clean and dry during hours of operation. These real-time cleaning needs tend to occur in smaller spaces that experience high traffic, such as lobbies, entryways, food and beverage service areas, elevators and lounges and bars. As you can imagine, front-of-house appearance is important to restaurant customers, as they tend to form opinions on the cleanliness of the entire operation based on that first impression.  

What’s more, as properties upgrade interiors to drive repeat traffic, they require cleaning tools that are unobtrusive to their clientele. Current solutions for spills and cleaning during operating hours rely too heavily on bulky equipment. Traditional manual cleaning with mops and buckets is also undesirable, as slow drying times put customers and employees at risk for slips and falls.

In fact, hazardous floors are a leading cause of accidental falls and employee falls on wet floors represents a primary cause of lost days from work, according to research from the National Floor Safety Institute.

Enter a new, “SmAHT” solution: SmAHT™ is a proprietary term that Oreck® Commercial created, which stands for “Small Area, High Traffic.” Oreck Commercial is introducing three new cordless products, each designed for a different SmAHT cleaning task. The TaskVac™, HydroVac™ and SlingVac™ are lightweight, compact, and all promise quick, problem resolution with little interruption during the business day.  

Oreck Commercial’s cordless line is powered by a M-PWR™ 20V lithium ion battery. Designed for quick change and charge, they leverage the innovative efficiency of cordless technology, freeing staff from being tethered to electrical sockets, and allowing environments to be maintained in real-time.

Cordless products also help improve safety, as well as helping to reduce liability, merely by eliminating cords that can be tripped over. These and other innovations continue to propel the cordless future forward.

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