Human Resources

Best practices for improving recruitment, retention and training

Operators view labor costs as the biggest threat to profitability. In a December Foodservice Planning Program survey, Technomic found that 50% of operators named increased labor costs as having had...

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Women react to harassment at work differently than their male counterparts, a recent study shows. Here’s how operators are creating cultures that squash bullying while retaining and nurturing talent.

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Language barriers pose roadblocks to that success. Here are some training and techniques to improve communication can create opportunity as well.

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Don’t blink—a competitive market means hiring managers have to jump on solid candidates.

The impending changes to the federal overtime regulations go into effect Dec. 1, and middle managers are among the biggest concerns under the new rules. The Good Times quick-service burger chain has...

Restaurants are stealing a page out of Silicon Valley’s book filled with unheard-of benefits and annotating it to fit the industry framework. Zimbra, a software company in Buffalo, N.Y., gives...

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A competitive labor climate can be a scorcher for restaurants. With employees fleeing to greener pastures in higher-wage cities or better hours, any perk can help.

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The standard restaurant uniform has undergone a makeover as more concepts bake fashion into their brand identities, allowing workers’ individuality to show.

Not long ago, restaurants onboarded staffers with VHS tapes and heavy tomes. But to stay relevant and help ensure information resonates, operators are modernizing training with new technology. “It’s...

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A new Gallup report shows millennials aren’t engaged in the workplace—and what can be done to get them on board.