Individuals influencing the direction of the restaurant industry

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The Jesus of Pizza dishes on how his “tribe” strives for a different kind of workplace.

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Restaurant Business asked chain restaurant executives what they do every time they step off the plane to make sure these visits are valuable.

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Check out these teaching moments from operators’ worst managers.

Stephen J. Sather CEO, president and director of El Pollo Loco Holdings, parent of El Pollo Loco , a QSR chicken chain with over 460 units—two-thirds of them franchised—in Prior posts SVP of...

1. Was there a decision or move you look back upon now and laugh? When we were first starting to revive the brand, and I was shopping with my wife, I snuck away into the men’s dressing room and...

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One-liners concerning wimps, going naked and princess crowns give RLC attendees insight into the minds of some of the top industry leaders.

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If there’s one thing to be learned from interviewing top restaurateurs, it’s that leadership isn’t built on fortune cookie-style doctrines.

Paul Brown CEO, Arby’s Restaurant Group , franchisor of 2,200 quick-service sandwich restaurants, operator of 1,050 more; owned principally by Roark Capital Prior posts President, brands &...

CEO of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Beer Her charge: 550 full-service, casual burger restaurants, 85% of which are company-operated, and 17% of which are located in malls Prior posts CMO, EVP, Chief...

On competition "This has been an industry of fast followership. If I see one more tempura green bean, I’m going to die.” On the so-called better-burger upstarts “I’m not totally sold on the fast-...