New ways to drive revenue—without labor or capital

Rising labor and commodity costs continue to challenge many operators’ bottom lines, creating a critical need to build incremental revenue.

One innovative solution drives highly incremental sales—and as a bonus, requires no labor or capital: the impulse marketing of freshening and treat products such as gum, mints and confections by strategically positioned displays at restaurant counters or drive-thru windows.

Quick-service and fast-casual eateries are well suited to share in this $4.7 billion impulse snacking opportunity because they greet and serve scores of customers face-to-face each day.

Wrigley Foodservice has developed an innovative approach to selling freshening and treat products in restaurants. It’s based on the moments when consumers have an immediate need for freshening or a treat product —right after having a meal, snack or cup of coffee.

“This is a really easy incremental check builder that can serve as a menu add-on with no labor involved,” says Matt Bireley, director, QSR/foodservice development, Wrigley Foodservice. 

In a Wrigley Foodservice survey of nearly 20,000 consumers, a majority said that the availability of gum and mints would enhance their overall in-store experience in a restaurant setting. Furthermore, 90 percent of those surveyed said that buying gum and mints in a QSR would be incremental to their current purchase.

Building on its extensive experience in retail store merchandising, Wrigley Foodservice is working with QSRs, fast-casual restaurants, coffee shops and full-service eateries to create impulse-merchandising programs that drive incremental sales of gum and confections.

Impulse merchandising goes hand in hand with the growing snacking trend, as an increasing number of consumers switch from the traditional three-meal eating pattern to smaller bites throughout the day. “We see a big rise in impulse snacking as an opportunity,” says Bireley. “Our post-meal freshening and treat items fit right in with this and are easy for restaurant operators to offer.”

Wrigley Foodservice has a variety of merchandising solutions that drive impulse sales of gum and confections, such as three-tier displays that sit next to the cash register and suction-cup boxes that attach to the drive-thru window visible to consumers.

Drawing on extensive experience as a category captain for the checkouts of major retail stores, Wrigley Foodservice partners with chain operators to help them develop displays that merchandise their own impulse items and integrate Wrigley products as well. “We work with the chain to make sure it is integrated into their current look and feel in a relatively simple manner,” says Bireley. “The best way to do that is at the register with a very small, vertical display that is eye-catching and dynamic.”

Simplicity is key. “We recommend a very simple, limited-SKU offering of some freshening items, a treat item and any other impulse items that are relevant to the chain’s consumer,” Bireley says.

“At the root of it, this provides incremental dollars and guest satisfaction for the chain in a very simple manner,” says Bireley. “It is a win-win for everybody.”

To learn more about how Wrigley Foodservice can help drive incremental revenue for your restaurant and improve guest satisfaction, contact the group online or by emailing Wrigley.foodservice@wrigley.com.

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