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How your restaurant sales and profits compare to competitors' and what you can do to improve financial performance

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Kurt Vonnegut Jr. wrote that “maturity is a bitter disappointment for which no remedy exists,” and so it has been with the coming-of-age fast-casual restaurant segment.

Two burger giants recently battled it out with an atypical weapon: cheesy sides. Technomic’s MenuSurf program found that a greater percentage of consumers say they’d visit Burger King for its Cheesy...

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A restaurant chain's sales don't always reflect customer satisfaction, and vice versa. Here, we rank the leading limited-service chains using a formula that includes financials, consumer satisfaction and value.

Fast casual has been the must-watch segment of the industry for a decade, with its industry-leading growth, consumer perception-changing quality and innovation, and all that customizable goodness...

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Operators at the Restaurant Leadership Conference wrestled with the dizzying array of third-party delivery services, while weighing how off-premise may continue to shift and change.

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The need-to-know info for when it's time to sell a restaurant.

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Preliminary results of a new report paint a not-so-rosy picture for the restaurant industry, with chains struggling to gain market share.

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The role has evolved to tackle today’s labor challenges.

Right now, operators believe that food costs are up. “But if you work through the actual PPI numbers, they are flat over the last five years,” says Joe Pawlak, managing principal for Technomic...

With the growing number of options available—and the pressure to add delivery mounting—preparation for a delivery partnership is key. That means asking questions. What are the partner’s standards for...