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How your restaurant sales and profits compare to competitors' and what you can do to improve financial performance

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While fast casual’s collective sales may be slowing due to segment maturation, money is still going into the segment. These four concepts are rising above the slowdown.

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Not every restaurant development of the past year deserved commemoration with a smiley face. Here are a few of low points.

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While independents aren’t immune to the issues plaguing chains in today’s restaurant climate, these top concepts are managing to jump the business hurdles to keep both staff and guests satisfied.

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The Top 100 is ranked by sales, but the list measures success. These operators never say they know a "secret" to success, but why do they perform so well?

Regardless of how wildly Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump celebrates victory on Nov. 8, restaurateurs are the ones likely to suffer a hangover. New research shows sizable chunks of the public are...

It’s been about a year since Union Square Hospitality Group’s President and CEO Danny Meyer started implementing his no-tipping policy as a new mode of compensation. Tom Colicchio—owner of Craft,...

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With Taco Cabana's parent reportedly attracting interest from private equity, here's a look at other fast-casual taco brands seeing investments from such firms.

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Even the indies holding strong on our current Top 100 ranking are feeling battered, showing that no operator can rest on their laurels in today’s tumultuous times.

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The evidence is irrefutable: After a decent start to the year, restaurants are having a tough time luring customers and getting them to spend.

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For a clear snapshot of the restaurant brands that have their sights set on global expansion, here’s an exploration of the top 25 fastest-growing chains in the world.