Operators Need Distributors to Expand this Year

SALT LAKE CITY - Independent operators are where the fun is in foodservice and it's incumbent upon savvy distributors to teach them ways to enhance that positive experience, advises Bill Mouskondis, ceo of Nicholas and Co., a family-owned ID Top 50 broadliner here.
Mouskondis, in an interview with ID Access, supported industry pundits' views about positive growth for foodservice this year, explaining that eating out is virtually an inherent right of all Americans.

"The exciting thing about foodservice is that it is the only part of the food industry that will continue to grow. It's the lifestyle of the American economy. The cost of dining out is still a terrific value and foodservice's percentage of the dollar allocated to food will continue to increase. It's a form of recreation, it's not just a way of eating," said Mouskondis, the 2003 ID Hall of Fame inductee.

While business will expand this year, Mouskondis cautions that it will not be uniform. Even the West, which is earmarked for proportionately more growth, the broadliner executive said, will not experience consistent expansion. Mouskondis points out that growth will be greatest in the bigger population areas - not in Wyoming, Utah or Idaho. "The percentage of growth will be great but when it comes to actual dollars, it's not going to be a huge number because we have such a small population. There were more people at a Chicago airport this morning than in the state of Utah," Mouskondis quipped.

Read more of Bill Mouskondis' comments in the upcoming Jan. 23 edition of ID Report


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