Oysters Take Two

Used to be that oysters were served only in months spelled with the letter “R.” Now cultivated oysters are available and tasty pretty much year round, but September and October (among other "R" months) still see a great variety of species. Restaurants are serving the bivalves raw on the half shell, smoked, boiled, baked, fried, roasted and more in dishes ranging from simple to spectacular.

Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant
New York, NY
The Oyster Bar has been serving oysters on the lower level of Grand Central Terminal since 1913.  Here you can find a huge assortment of oysters served raw from the bar, fried, in pan roasts or even in a famous oyster stew; $11.45

Downtown Baltimore Oyster Celebration Week
Baltimore, MD
From October 18-24, an entire week is dedicated to this unique shellfish. Numerous restaurants participate by preparing oysters in elaborate ways with complex flavors; $45 beer and oyster fest at Talara Restaurant

New Orleans, LA
Drago’s is so serious about their oysters they say “Here at Drago’s oysters aren’t just oysters—they’re a way of life.” Their charbroiled oysters (pictured above) are brushed with garlic butter sauce and sprinkled with a blend of cheeses, then grilled in the half shell. The menu boldly claims that this dish is “the single best bite of food in New Orleans!”; $11.45

Charleston, SC
In addition to serving gulf oysters raw or steamed, Pearlz serves wasabi citrus oysters made with citrus vodka, wasabi tobico, cucumber and lime juice; $7.95

Antoine’s Restaurant
New Orleans, LA
It was at this establishment, dating back to 1840, where Oysters Rockefeller was invented i9n 1869.  The dish was named “Rockefeller” for the richness of the sauce; it consists of oysters on the half shell baked with spinach and the buttery sauce; $13.75


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