There’s something about a hot, melted and grilled panini that’s irresistible. With the proliferation of panini presses in restaurant kitchens, these sandwiches are appearing everywhere from QSRs to upscale eateries. There are also concepts dedicated solely to paninis. From classic Italian recipes to adaptations with global ingredients and imaginative combinations, panini popularity seems boundless.

I Panini Di Ambra
Los Angeles, CA
Valtellina: Bresaola, Rucola, Grana, Extra Virgin Olive Oil; $9

Panini Tozt
New York, NY
Asian Veggie Tozt: Sauteed mushrooms, tomato, provolone cheese, jalapenos, pesto sauce & lettuce; $12

Mondo Café
San Francisco, CA
Salmone: Smoked salmon, red onions, watercress, marscapone dill spread; $8

Paolos Ristorante
Towson, MD
Tomato Soup and Fontina Panini: Creamy Roma Tomato Soup with deconstructed pesto and a “grilled cheese” panini; $7.95

The Purple Pig
Chicago, IL
Panino con Nutella: A Sweet Sandwich filled with a Chocolate Hazelnut
Spread, Marshmallow Cream & Bananas; $10


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