Papa John’s adds new pizza type to its fold

papa johns pan pizza

Aiming for a bigger slice of the pizza market, Papa John’s debuted its new pan pizza in what the chain is calling one of its largest product launches in 10 years.

It’s also one that Papa John’s President Steve Ritchie said the chain had been working on for a year and half, as it sought to perfect its new pizza. 

“We wanted this pie to follow our quality ingredient promise but with a unique edge,” he noted in a statement.

The chain’s chief ingredient officer, Sean Muldoon, told Ad Age that he was often asked why the brand didn’t offer a pan option. It did try once before—with Papa’s Perfect Pan in 2005—but the offering didn’t last.  

The chain hopes that the new version will gain more traction, seeking for it to comprise a percentage of orders somewhere in the double digits, according to Ad Age.

As part of the launch, the pan pizza will come for a time with its own specific packaging, a black box splashed with an image of the offering. Customers can purchase a three-topping pie for an introductory deal of $10. 


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