Passover Seders

As families become busier, many are turning to restaurants to gather for the annual Passover meals known as Seders. Here are some of the places that are serving this ritual feast on Monday and Tuesday night, April 18 and 19.

Capsouto Frères
New York City
Annual Non-Kosher Fish and Dairy Seders
Featured Entrée; Poached Salmon with herb vinaigrette served with stewed okra, string beans and matzo mina; $150 donation to charity for 3-course meal

Los Angeles, CA
Featured Entrees: Pot Roast or Alaskan Halibut; $125 for 4-course meal

Chelsea Market
New York City
James Beard Foundation’s Pop-Up Restaurant; Non-Kosher Passover Seder
Featured Entrée: Zeroah—Paschal Lamb, Jerusalem Artichoke Kugel; $100 plus 10% service

Chef Allen’s
Miami, FL
Featured Entrée: Preserved Lemon Rotisserie Kosher Chicken with Cinnamon, Apples and Apricots; $75 for 5-course meal

Seder Based on Egyptian Jewish Cooking
Featured Entrée: Quail stuffed with lamb, pine nuts and golden raisins; $95

Craigie on Main
Boston, MA
Almond and Prune-Braised Beef Short Ribs, spring-dug parsnip tsimmes; $80 for 3-course meal


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