Pennsylvania Distributor Testing Bi-Fuel Vehicles

PITTSBURG, PA (August 10, 2013)—Paragon Foods has announced its first truck to be powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). The tractor-trailer vehicle will be used for deliveries to their customers across southwestern Pennsylvania.

The truck is a conversion, originally factory-built with hardened valves and seals with after-market CNG components added. The system is “bi-fuel” – meaning both complete fueling systems for diesel or CNG can be utilized. The truck is California EPA Air Resources Board (CARB)-certified.

The move is the first for the company that will likely see if more will be considered said Shane Hall, director of marketing and customer relations for the company.

“CNG provides a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and is less expensive than gasoline - making the vehicle a sound business decision,” says Ron Becker, Paragon Foods’ senior vice president of finance and operations.

The Paragon Foods truck will primarily be fueled at one of the two publicly available CNG fueling stations within the county–one Pittsburgh’s Strip District and the other in Crafton Borough.
- Amanda M. Westbrooks


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