PFG Looking to Expand in Victoria

Victoria, Texas (January 6, 2010)—Performance Food Group in Victoria is looking to expand. Their current cooler space is near capacity. Their clientele in this part of South Texas is growing, but in some cases, business is being turned away.

"Right now some of these customers are being served by sister locations in other communities." Victoria Economic Development President Dale Fowler said.

The company is looking to invest a little over one million dollars in the Victoria warehouse to bring in a new cooler, and with it, around a dozen jobs.

But in order to expand at this location, they're asking that the city provide a tax abatement, and if council approves, the numbers would break down accordingly.

"They'll save about $30-thousand over four years. At the same time, they'll be paying all the taxing entities, Victoria for instances, they'll be paying $9-thousand a year, but saving a little over $18-thousand a year." Fowler said.

Residents had the opportunity at the council meeting on Tuesday to voice their concerns.

"Tax abatements bring in new revenue to your community." Business owner Donna Pridgen said.

Pridgen claims that in fours years, her business has put $250-thousand dollars into the community.

But not everyone thinks helping only a single business is fair.

"If you truly believe business is stimulated by less taxation, then do it across the board.  Cut the budget and let everyone take a piece of the pie." Matt Oker told council.

Councilman David Hagan had a similar response to the proposal.

"Rather voting for a tax abatement, I would rather look for an opportunity to cut the budget in ways that would create tax relief for all businesses across the community." Hagan said.

In a time where businesses are laying off personnel, a company wanting to expand here in Victoria is a positive.

While the expansion may only bring in around a dozen jobs, Fowler says it shows Performance Food Group in Victoria is here to stay, for at least a few more years, and the nearly 200 primary jobs currently there, are likely to be secure if the company is talking expansion.

What that means for the city as a whole...those 200 people, in addition to the new hires, will be spending their hard earned money in Victoria.

Fowler says all other segments of the economy spin off of these kinds of jobs.


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